Dong A Diamond Garlic

The similarity between the value and process of creating Black Garlic of Dong A Pharmaceutical and Black Diamond is the origin of the idea forming Dong A Diamond Garlic brand. With a strong black color, known as the symbol of longevity, persistence, toughness, firmness, pleasant taste and many health benefits, Dong A Diamond Garlic is created by strict and elaborate fermentation process like the processing of making Black Diamonds - like fermented black diamonds from Garlic, dense with the energy and aspirations of Dong A Pharmaceutical to bring priceless gift to family to care and protect health.

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Health Benefits of Black Garlic

Free radicals are molecules that contain single electrons that may destroy cells. Free radicals are determined as the cause of over 80 different diseases. Black garlic acts as an antioxidant, reducing the amount and preventing the multiplication of free radicals, preventing related diseases.
Công dụng của Tỏi Đen
  • Control blood glucose, prevent diabetes complications
    Black garlic helps control blood glucose, increases insulin sensitivity and improves blood lipid disorder in mice with type 2 diabetes.
  • Stabilize blood pressure
    Black garlic has the effect of eliminating free radicals, antioxidants and reducing the concentration of MDA – an oxidants in plasma, stabilizing blood pressure after using 14 weeks.
  • Reduce cholesterol, protect cardiovascular
    Black garlic contains S-allycyl-L-cysteine, Alline, Isoalliin ... which helps increase the elimination of cholesterol and reduce the absorption of bad cholesterol through the intestinal membrane, thereby reducing blood lipid levels.
  • Stimulates digestion, increases resistance
    Black garlic is like "Super garlic" to enhance the immune system and resistance due to high nutritional value: Rich in SAC, Polyphenol and up to 18 amino acids
  • Restricting aging & reduce stress
    Thanks to the ability to remove superior free radicals, Black Garlic helps prevent aging, reduce stress, protect nerve cells and enhance memory.
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Modern production technology 

The most modern and advanced production line. The factory has been registered with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and officially granted the Certificate of eligibility for production by the Ministry of Health of Vietnam.
16 Large-scale fermentation chamber, reaching a capacity of 600 tons / year
Operate production by leading pharmacists and experts, in the environment with strict air control by HVAC system.
The factory is located in Que Vo Industrial Park in Bac Ninh, scale of 1.5 haDiscover now

Quality is recognized by National and International organizations

Chất lượng được công nhận bởi các đối tác uy tính

Not garlic with black color will be black garlic, because the nutrient content is more or less depends on the fermentation process. The active ingredients in Dong A Diamond Garlic have been certified to ensure safety and nutritional standards of Intertek - the leading international testing and inspection organization of Germany.

In addition, the quality of Dong A Diamond Garlic is also certified by the Vietnam Ministry of Health and the FDA - US Food and Drug Administration. These are sufficient criteria for Dong A Diamond Garlic to export to fastidious foreign markets.

Chất lượng được công nhận bởi các đối tác uy tính

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